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New Arrivals! The Antler Collection

Sand-cast aluminum: elegant, eye-catching and functional. The Antler Collection is comprised of some of the most wonderfully unique pieces we have come across, all delicately created with this alternative metal that requires no polishing.

Inspired by nature, the pieces in this collection came to life after years of experience in crafting aluminum jewelry from fossils, shells, bones and stones. This signature Antler look has come a long way, emerging in the sixties as cast aluminum furniture, and is now a rare and highly sought after design.

A trophy for your home, this fast growing collection will bring a rustic beauty to any setting. Find which pieces speak to you, or complete the set in your home! All items can be chilled in a refrigerator or freezer and can be warmed in an oven up to 350º.

Antler Pillar Candle Holder

Talk about cabin chic! This candle holder is a new arrival for 2014 and holds any 3″ pillar candle.

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Antler Pitcher

Serve your favorite beverage in this gorgeous pitcher that’ll have your guests talking (and how often can you say that about a pitcher?)!

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Antler Gravy Boat

Can you think of anything more warm and cabin-esque than delicious homemade gravy pouring out of this gravy boat? We know we want to be at that dinner table!

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Antler Bowl

This Antler bowl is perfectly sized for whatever your needs. One or two makes for a great way to serve nuts and other pre-dinner snacks. Collect more and serve your family their favorite homemade soup, or prepare for that big winter dinner party!

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Antler Napkin Box

Rustic elegance with every detail, right down to the napkin box.

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Antler Cutting Board

Another great new arrival for 2014! This bamboo cutting board is perfect for carving and also makes a great large serving tray.

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Antler Bottle Opener

Bottoms up! Beer enthusiasts love unique bottle openers, and this antler bottle opener makes a great gift. Still fitting the antler design, this opener has been specially crafted to fit comfortably in your hand.

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Antler Pilsner

This Antler Pilsner glass is one of our favorites. Pour in your favorite Pilsner or Lager and enjoy the bold colors beneath a triumphant head while feeling like the king (or queen!) of the forest. Makes for a great gift, or simply as glassware you’ll want to show off behind the bar.

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