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Model Ships & Airplanes: For the Collector & the History Lover

Ship and airplane models not only make wonderfully eye-catching additions to any home, but can also provide an intriguing bit of history depending on what the model is of. For collectors, history enthusiasts, and those looking for a special and unique piece to add to a room in their home, our models will fill that desired space and last beautifully for years to come.

The Friendship model ship

During the first half of the 20th century, most yachts were built at small, local yards. Their distinct hull shape and rig were adapted from fishing vessels and pilot boats that had already proven their success.

When it came to these ships, endurance and ease of use were key factors in their design. This ship is The Friendship, designed during this time period as a family world cruiser. It was designed to withstand all conditions faced on the open seas. With its two masts, plank-on-hull structure and exquisite detailing, this piece is truly a classic.

Product Specs
47.25″ x 9.75″ x 45.75″

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Triple Cockpit Model Boat

It was a time of peace and unbridled optimism. When the Jaguar XK120 ruled the road and Dorris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated.

And then, roaring across the Lago di Como, skimming the Mediterranean waves, and racing at record speeds came the Thunderboats. Also called Hydroplanes, these racing boats were the luxurious must-haves for the Hollywood elite. Remember this time of discovery, excitement and elegance with this Triple Cockpit Model Boat.

Product Specs
25.25″ x 7.75″ x 7.5″

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Gee Bee #11 Speedster

Let us paint a picture for you: Roscoe Turner and Jimmy Wedell: legendary and fearless racing aces flying this furious 750 HP plane at 280 mph around a home pylon and down a 10 mile course. In the 1930s she flew, competing for the Schneider, Thompson and Bendix trophies.

Own a testament to this classic in flying history with the Gee Bee #11 Speedster. With an almost cartoon-like shape and design, this model is particularly endearing and would make a fantastic addition to a child’s room or to an airplane enthusiast’s collection.

Product Specs
45 cm x 60 cm x 21 cm
2.3 kg

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Spirit of St. Louis

The year was 1927. After six pilots had already lost their lives in the attempt, Charles Lindbergh, solely piloting his Spirit of St. Louis, completed the first ever non-stop transatlantic flight. The impact on history made by Lindbergh’s famous feat has not only earned him a spot in every history book, but also the respect of aviation enthusiasts for generations.

For aviation enthusiasts, this flight signified a revolution in flying. Proudly display this model of the Spirit of St. Louis in your home and enjoy the detailing right down to the cockpit through the windows!

Product Specs
12.25″ x 19.5″ x 3.5″

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