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New Arrivals! The Perfect Accessories for Your Pampered Pup

Greyson by the Fire

Greyson by the Fire, ©Alex Sclafani

Greyson isn’t the only dog with high class taste!

As a pet owner, you want nothing but the best for your four-legged friend. Our new arrivals feature some of the most top-of-the-line and stylish pet accessories that everyone’s tail will be wagging for!


Using a harness in place of a collar when walking your dog has been highly recommended by reputable veterinarians and dog experts for years. Not only are they more comfortable for your pup, but you can find stylish and attractive styles to fit your personality.

Our new arrivals feature dog harnesses in just about any style to fit your mood! They also come in several sizes to fit whatever shape and size dog you own.


Looking for a way to bring your furry friend along for a trip? Even if it’s just to visit friends, have your pooch travel in style with our eye-catching tote bags perfectly designed for your dog’s comfort.

These tote bags are not only a great gift for yourself, but also a wonderful gift idea for the dog lover in your life. Thoughtful, high end and just what every small dog owner needs, these totes as gifts are sure to bring the wow factor!

Head on over to our new arrivals to check out what else has just been added or check out our pets shop to see more styles and pooch must-haves!


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