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Classic Parris Southern Magnolia Wreath

Classic Parris Southern Magnolia Wreath

The magnolia selected for this wreath is called Kay Parris, the namesake of the wreath. This tree is cultivated at Weston Farms because of the time and care taken by their horticultural experts to make sure each leaf combines lustrous, dark, green leaves with an undercoat of warm brown velvet. Quite simply, the quality is unparalleled by other cultivars.

In 2002, Erin Weston moved from New York City to North Carolina to help around the family farm. While there, she wanted to and felt the need for the production of a luxury farm product through which she could utilize both her artistic background and her father’s horticultural knowledge. From here, among other beautifully crafted floral accessories, emerged the Southern Magnolia wreaths.

When grown in the wild, magnolia leaves with the dark, velvety backs can only be found at the tip of the tree (sometimes 40 feet above the ground). With a deft hand and expertise in cultivating and pruning, the magnolia grown on Weston Farms produce dark chocolate, velvet covered shoots with a contrasting lustrous dark green finish. The leaves in the wreath do not wilt like wild magnolias might, and with proper care this wreath can last for years.

Using an abundance of fresh cut small leaf Southern Magnolia to hand-make these wreaths, the size is perfect for windows, interiors, and smaller doors. Our favorite is the use of two of these wreaths on a double door entrance. The Classic Parris Southern Magnolia Wreath is always a bestseller and often purchased in multiples!

Product Specs
24″ diameter

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